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YİĞİDO KANGAL ÜRETİM ÇİFTLİĞİ.          0530 834 09 26    
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English information

English information Kangal dogs of all sales Alamanya to Turkey, Italy, Fıransa, Sweden, and sales and shipments of all European countries and many countries of the world beencarried out smoothly and the passports of different countries have bought the puppy did you get along with. You give the best service to our valued customershave been working on behalf of the Kangal dogs, and he deserves all the world to introduce the basic goal is to come down. Generation of offspring intact stud thoroughbred race coil you have seen the pictures has been selected as the mother and father sıtandartlarını coil coils are carefully selected and are certain, as it is known how much the father of puppies born although important genes, maternal genes deve For that it is importantto maintain a pure race of both sexes are carefully should be selected. Our goal is pure coil and coil rightful place ırıkının generation intact presentation is that all of Turkey. Turkish Kangal shepherd dog communication wire 0545 577 64 32 Kangal köpeğinin ingilizce özellikleri. Kangal dogs characteristics, English. PROPERTY AND KNOW GERKENLER Kangal dogs COIL how the dogs are a race? What are the distinctive features of the Kangal dogs, other dog breeds. Kangal dog's instinct to protect: Kangal dogs are not subjected to training other dog breeds such as the animals have an innate racial characteristics. With people who lived in Anatolia for centuries, and in which areas of their herds of prey animals, and outside their homes could have preserved against all hazards. Today, the new coil to be understood the importance of dogs has started and the place was right. Kangal dogs larger than they appear at the beginning of the biggest tehlikerin on behalf of the qualities of different races in this manner is the loss of breeding and race. Characteristics of people who will be the first race of the Kangal dog owner should be aware of. Each coil is not a big dog that appears. There are certain characteristics the Kangal breed. Chief among these is his superior's feelings, and race characteristics. These are the major features are included as an image sequence with the The tail structure: that is curved upward and becomes vertical format with ring-shaped tail dedimiz. Head configuration: Get a black head, ears glued to the head and the triangular shape, the jaw is strong. (Kangal dogs ears cut off, and generally cut in the average five or six months of age when entering winter, hot in the summer or spring, is the equivalent getirilmetedir wound heal and the wolf may be reduced. The purpose of cutting off the ear of losing them in the ears of the wolf at the time romp. Any previous dog received for sheep in the garden or for the protection of the ears are being received There is no need to be dropped. especially the Black Sea region should be careful not to cut the ears, especially due to the excessive rainfall.) Body structure: structure of the muscular body and frame görünümünlüdür Kangal dogs. Overall body color and the albino dedimiz bozdan kırçıl various colors are possible but not returning to Gray steel has. Medallion in the chest and feet, white socks like the color has. Again, arak or six feet, Moss dedimiz finger nail can be viewed at one or more of the so-called extra, as in the coils of his hunting dogs and dogs there are even number of quotes for the back-foot coil is not the determining properties. This mistake can lead to discrimination. Kangal AGAINST HIS BEHAVIOR Kangal dogs against people, especially children and women against the owner is very docile. When the owner has the instinct to understand love kızabilceğini expire. Has the area where the protection against foreigners, but the owner as well as in terms of structure, while the sound of aggressive and when to remove the danger from the future have already sezecek instinct. Protects the area where the very best, to kill the other dog breeds, such as waiting for the owner to wait until the attack at the beginning when it has become ineffective. Kangal dogs mating Kangal dogs twice a year, females enter çifleşme period (the period of joy) in Male coils are ready to mate at any time. Reproduce their brothers of the major features of the Kangal dogs. Kangal dogs NUTRITION Kangal dog bone and meat eating carnivorous animals that feed on food and bread, etc. but dedimiz insulation. yiyerekte be fostered. A coil can be fed large breed adult eating one meal a day sivas


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